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If you love streaming latest movies and TV series, you may also be worried about the high charges that various OTT platform costs every month. So to avoid this hectic payment cycle, third-party developers got this amazing application called TVMob. This ensures that you do not have to pay anything, and make your streaming hassle free. You can stream unlimited content for free and enjoy binge-watching with your friends and family on the go.

TVMob v1.3 APK Download for Android

This application is tweaked and cannot be directly installed from Play store. Don’t worry, we got you covered. We have got the best way through which you can download Latest TVMob APK, but before it, let’s read some amazing features that the application provides to users.


TVMob APK on Android | Features:

With a no-limit features that TVMob provides, we got some amazing ones listed down. Here, let’s proceed by enjoying the overall experience that you can get with TVMob app on your android device.

  • Simple User-interface: The user interface plays a very important role. TVMob ensured that it simplifies the user interface for all kind of users of any age.
  • Ad-Free: The application is free to use and doesn’t have any irritating Ads. The quality that the application provides is much understandable that won’t tickle you with ads every once in a while.
  • No Mod required: Unlike other applications in market, you do not have to mod your device to enjoy streaming using TVMob. You can simply enjoy the application and download it for free with mod.
  • Bookmarking: Now stake your favourite content on the homepage to access it easily. You do not have to keep track, it will directly let you access it easily.
  • Supports all version: You do not have to worry about what version your device is, TVMob comes with a wide range of versions that will let you enjoy streaming on all kind of versions.

Oh well! These features were just amazing right? Let’s proceed in understanding how you can download TVMob on Android for free.

Install TVMob APK on Android for Free

So, as TVMob application is developed by third-party developers you can enjoy downloading it by the following way:

  • Go to settings and application section, and enable ‘download from unknown sources’ for your browser.
  • Open your browser, and go the below given link.

   TVMOB APK [v1.4]

  • Navigate to the download button and download the APK right away.
  • Now, wait for the application APK to download.


  • Once the file is ready, click on the TVMob APK file to install it.


  • One of the download manager in your device will install the application in your device.

Done! You can now start using the application without any hassle. Let’s see how you can use TVMob APK on your android device.

How To Use TVMob on your Android?

You can use TVMob on your android device with great exposure in your streaming appetite. After installing the TVMob APK using our guide above, simply go to settings and give the permissions that it is asking for.


Now, open the application and on the top you may find the search bar. Search for your preferred movie or TV series. Enjoy streaming them by clicking on play button. You can now experience high quality, buffer-free streaming on the go.

You can download the movie by clicking on the download button. Then below in the settings of the app, you can find all the downloaded content. Enjoy doing it and watch your content offline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Is TVMob application on android free to use?

Yes, TVMob application is free to use on android device. You can use it for free and experience HD quality buffer-free streaming all the time.

Q - Do I need to root my device to download TVMob application on my android device?

No, you do not have to root your device to download TVMob on your android device. You can do it simply by download APK from official website. Follow our guide above to enjoy using TVMob on your android device.

Q - TVMob crashed, what to do?

If TVMob crashed on your android device, then don’t worry. First try to restart your device and try again, if the problem still persists, then reinstall the application and enjoy hassle free streaming.

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Conclusion – TVMob v1.4 APK Free Download on Android 

Did you enjoy using TVMob APK on your android device? Share your streaming experience and let us know more about your thoughts. If you have any queries, please comment below. We would love to help you. Make sure to read the whole guide for best use.

Thank You.

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