Swift Streamz Not Working & All Common Errors [FIXED]

Fix Swift Streamz Not Working & Other Common Errors: Swift Streamz Live TV application has garnered an immense number of followers, from all across the globe, in an incredibly short period of time. All credit for this goes to the amazing set of features of Swift Stream. The application supports almost all the major platforms including Android, iOS, Firestick, and even Windows PC/Laptop or MAC Computer. But, howsoever good an application might be; there is always a scope of bugs, errors, and issues arising in it.

swift strema app download
Swift Stream App

Swift Streamz is not immune to the same and hence users are facing a considerable number of errors in the application. For the convenience of the users, we have compiled each and every error along with their fixes in this post. Here, you will find the list of issues, which the users are facing with Swift Streamz Live TV application, along with the steps to resolve the same. So, let’s start now.


Swift Streamz No Data Available / No Internet Error [FIX]

Majority of the users are facing the issue that Swift Stream is not loading data and a black screen is visible. However, the black screen doesn’t mean that there is a glitch in the application or the application has crashed. If you are able to access your device’s notification tray with Swift Stream opened; it means the application is facing the certain issue in processing the data. The same can be resolved through the following measures.

  • Clear Memory

Usually, an application fails to process data if required memory is not free on the device. Hence, it is advisable that the user runs a cleaner on their device and clear unwanted data and try launching Swift Stream once again.

  • Altering DNS Settings

Altering or modifying the DNS settings make data processing much easier and simpler for the application. This is because sometimes the issue neither exists with the device or the application but the issue is with the IP itself.

  • Disable Ad Blocker

Certain Ad Blocker applications don’t go well with Swift Streamz as they might block the content itself. Hence, if you have an ad blocker installed consider disabling the same and then launch the application.

  • Use a VPN Service

What may happen that Swift Streamz might be restricted to the region where you are living. In such cases, it is recommended that you subscribe to a VPN service so that your IP can be changed to a different location.

Swift Streamz Channels Not Loading [FIX]

In such cases where the application is unable to load channels or a particular channel is not opening; it might be an issue with the region where you are living. It may happen that streaming services might be restricted in your area and hence Swift Streamz is not able to load any channels. Also, if the application is able to load channels but not all; then also it is the case in the region where you are living. So, the only solution to this problem is to install a VPN application and switch to a different IP in a different location.

Swift Streamz Stopped Working on Android Box and Firestick [FIX]

If Swift Stream is not working on your Android Box, Firestick or any other supported platform you might require to clear the cache. For that you require navigating to Settings -> Apps -> Swift Streamz -> Storage and tap on ‘Clear Cache.’ Please note that for different platforms the path might be different. Simply clear the cache and your app will start working again. Do check out this particular guide on Swift Stream App on FireStick, Fire TV & Fire TV Cube.

Swift Streamz Not Downloading / Installing [FIX]

If you are unable to download or install Swift Streamz on your respective device then the issue might be with the website from where you are trying to download or from where you have downloaded the installable.  For different platforms; there are different steps to install Swift Streamz. Make sure you check the steps from here  and retry downloading or installing the application.

Download Swift Stream App

Swift Stream App Country Based Movies
Swift Stream App Country Based Movies List

Swift Streamz App Fix Buffering Issues [FIX]

If you are experiencing buffering while streaming your favorite content on Swift Streamz application there might be an intermittent issue with your internet connection. So, check with your internet service provider first before coming to a conclusion.

Swift Stream, on playing a particular video, provides a list of recommended servers for playback. These servers, which are recommended by the application itself are, usually, the fastest and you won’t face any buffering issues on the same. Hence, it is advisable that you utilize the recommended servers only for streaming.

Also, to resolve buffering issues, it is advisable that you try changing the default player in which you are playing the media to see if the issue gets resolved. Also do check out this fantastic application on Roku devices:

Swift Streamz App on Roku

Swift Streamz (Cannot Play This Video Error) [FIX]

swift streamAPK for PC
Swift Stremz App Download on Android, iOS & PC

In such cases that particular video might be restricted in your region or the server on which the video is located is facing certain issues. In the former case, you may install a VPN app and go ahead with the playback. In the latter case, it is recommended that you wait for some time before trying again.

  • Windows & Mac Users Guide:

Download Swift Stream on Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP/Mac PC/Laptop.

Conclusion: Swift Streamz Common Errors Updated FIX

So, these were the common errors that are being faced by the Swift Stream users worldwide. In case you happen to face any other issue which is not mentioned in this post; then please let us know about the same via the comments section below. We will look into it for you and provide a working solution on a priority basis.

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  2. Hello, I have been using swift streamz for a while now and it’s been working fine but suddenly it’s not working right anymore. it says “sorry this video cannot be played” none of the paki channels are playing except the roze channel, and the other countries’ channels are playing. the same is happening on my grandma’s phone however it is not a problem in my aunt and other uncle’s devices. we have tried clearing cache clearing data reinstalling everything can you pleas help us

  3. Hi i am. Using fiber internet and directly conneted to router but still getting buffering issue where as i got 100 mbps and 25 mbps uplaod speed then why is the issue. I think u should give option to lower down picture quality in ur app.

  4. The south indian channels has a big buffering problem. It doesnt load content as smooth as Indian channels. It was working fine till last week but this week the South Indian channels are completely unwatchable.

  5. It has been more than Week, few channels are totally unable to play, as I have tried everything as said in this FAQ. For testing I have tried other apps so far they worked, but since Swift Streamz is my favorite did expected it a so long delay. Kinda disappointed.

  6. Hello …
    I was using your swiftstream app but since yesterday it is giving me error that swift stream has stopped working

  7. what a pity that this app is so unstable, before was much better, now, all buffers like wild, must go back to Live Net TV, thank you

  8. On USA stations all channels come up as cannot play this video. Time is late Saturday eve EST USA February 2. Aus all play great.

  9. The latest update for swift streamz hardly works on the amazon fire tv stick if swift streamz gets this message please can you update the app back to the previous one the app doesn’t even work properly please ASAP

  10. I installed the update as needed today to the new version on my Android phone (Android built 6.0.1). I see that the app has a new layout and I can scroll through all the channels but I’m unable to open any channel. The app simply gives me the option to select from multiple channels (SD or HD) but if a select any of those nothing happens. Used to work fine even up to last week but since the update not anymore. Any suggestions how to fix this?

  11. After latest update, Completely not working on both Android TV and Mobile. Have you guys tested before releasing app? and even made it force update. So no chance of going back to previous version. Do they have any monitoring tool to check statistics, number of users, it must be reduced drastically. Please fix this ASAP or revert back to previous version.

  12. I have swift stream app on world max Tv… I am using samsung smart Tv . recently On start up of the swift stream app I see a message to upgrade the app. When i try to download the upgrade, a swift stream website page opens but it is unable to download and goes back to the download screen. So I am not able to watch anything on swift stream
    How do I fix the issue ? or upgrade?

  13. Swift stream not working on fire stick, is there a solution to this, should we downgrade it to the previous version. TIA.

  14. Swift Streamz App wont update. “unsupported browser” have deleted and reinstalled and the app several time and cleared the cache to no avail.
    please can you update the app back to the previous one the app doesn’t even work properly please ASAP

  15. After new update, app stopped working for Fire TV stick. App is not responsive enought and very slow. Very disappointed.

    Please fix this team.

    Best of luck.

  16. New Version with “new Appearances & Style” of Swift Streamz 1.0 is full of bugs and dont even work properly! I stopped using it! Previous versions were best! This was the best app on android but unfortunately new version has utterly discouraged us!! Dnt know when will it get fixed! Please fix bugs asap so it can work properly via remote control on android box tv, Thanks alot Team!

  17. In latest version 1.1 updated on 11th April. Home page of the app looks good and Android TV remote navigation work smoothly, But when open any link say “INDIA TV” then navigation stop working and App crashes. I am using Mi Android Tv Pro 43”. I hope you guys are already working on it, Please test remote navigation for Tv as well.

  18. I have tried all players only swift player works but buffering. Iv tried through my wifi 10 mbps and used my phone data but still buffering.

  19. On Android box I am unable to select the channel, It scrolls up an down but not channel is selected to play.

  20. All was fine but today suddenly no sports channel is playing, it says, error Unable to play video, whereas other channels are working fine, please resolve the issue,

  21. I have downloaded Swift Streamz multiple times and cannot get any US channels to run….Have no problem streaming Canada or other countries – just not US….. I tried changing locations but still can get other Countries – just not US

  22. Swift Streamz ‘cannot play video” IF it’s the USA TV…..However, I CAN play a video if it’s in Canada…..what’s going on? I can’t play ANY of the US stations…..

  23. No sports channels working, tried different players ,cleared cache but keep getting unable to play this video. Live channels are working ok ,just the sports not

  24. None of the Sports channels are working even after clearing cache and memory. Kindly get this fixed.

  25. Help i cannot get swiftstreamz to work. All i get is a message saying “ Could Not Fetch Data”
    It was working fine earlier today, i have tried reinstalling it, clearing the cache etc but to no avail.
    Can you suggest anything i can do to rectify the problem?
    Vic Peake

  26. How to fix Swift Streamz “audio” issues – what causes the sound to be mute? It’s a frequent issue.
    Please advise. (USA)

  27. Please add the a ility to browse normally in android box. It seems fine in fire tv but in android box, i have to kick start the mouse to click on channels.
    Secondly, i would like to request the addition of DD Podhigai channel available for free in the internet.

  28. Help. Cannot install. It either says “File not found” or “could not connect”. I already cleared cache, made 2GB space free,

  29. HI,
    I am using the new Swiftstreamz APK on my Firestick. This program crashes all the time, specially when playing the Arabian channels. Once it crashes, the
    video freezes and must restart Swiftstreamz for it to work. It is very irritating.
    Would appreciate sending a solution for this issue.

  30. I have Swift Streamz APK on my Amazon Firestick. I have a problem that I reported to
    SwiftStreamz many times but never got an answer. The software always crashes and will not allow me to click on the live broadcast to restart. I must go back to the SS icon and restart again,
    Please send me a solution

  31. I using the newest Version on my Android TV Box
    The issue is in the scrolling. Can’t more from country to country and I have to place it in mouse mode to get this to work! Any ideas?


  32. Buffering problem
    Tried Firestick with LAN Adapter still have Buffering
    Changed player also
    Cleared cache also
    I have 100 MBPS LAN constant speed on firestick still Buffering what to do .
    Please help if you have solved the same problem

  33. Swift Streamz stopped working suddenly this afternoon. I was watching Space on Canadian TV when it just stopped working. Don’t see an error message in Kodi running on Windows 10, don’t know how to check logs on android tv.

  34. Swift Streamz isn’t working on Kodi on Android TV at all. It plays for a minute or two then freezes and won’t restart. Too bad too, it’s a great app when it’s working.

  35. I’m getting GetDirectory Error getting plugin://script.module.Live-swift6streamz error messages when trying to open SwiftStreamz.

  36. Swiftstreamz v2,0
    Should have tested fully before releasing does anyone feel responsible??? Or is it “ GOOD THINGS NO CHEAP .. CHEAP THINGS NO GOOD “
    Hope you got someone clever who can solve the issue…” Bonne Chance “

  37. In mobile it’s working in Amazon fire tv stick it used to work, Now showing could not fetch data ,I am using paid VPN everything is OK but it’s not working

  38. Hello sir,
    V2.1 version connected server shows countries. Shows channel but not working.
    I used samsung s9 plus and sony android TV.both r same problem

  39. Versi 2.1 ini Unable to played video sebelum nya Versi 2.0 oke Gimana cara perbaiki nya dan apa yang perlu di setting
    Padahal Applikasi paling Enak milih channel dan nontonnya

  40. I’ve changed from Mk player & most of channels now work! Only 1 problem – on some channels I get picture but no sound – any suggestions would be appreciated!

  41. Hello,
    is Swift Streamz down?
    Is not working since this afternoon?
    Looking forward for a quick answer!
    Kind regards

  42. After a successful install, when I open the app, I receive this error message: Could Not Fetch Data. I loaded another version from Filelinked and it opened OK.

  43. Swiftstreamz not working, it says “can’t playthe video” its been a week.. before its working fine even after i updated it but suddenly stop working, any channel i pick dont play.. i even uninstall/install, clear cache the app but still no result.. hope you can help me resolve this prob thank you in advance .

  44. updated on version 2.2
    Now channels are not opening in any player.. even not asking for option for players.
    Changed the option in setting to “Always Ask” but its not asking for Player.

  45. Unable to play video “error” I have used multiple vpn, updated newer versions but same problem in my tv and android phone please tell me what should I do to play live tv

  46. Using 2.4 version and a lot of USA channels say unable to play with any players I use on my Firesticks, phones or tablets.

    On my Firestick 4K trying to move through UK channels I can only access 4 Rows of the channels and last channel can see is the Universal Channel. Anytime I try to move down to the 5th row just 1 click to wait to load the App crashes. Have forced closed ALL other apps, cleared cache, cleared Data, uninstalled and reinstalled, rebooted and yet continues to crash ONLY on the UK channels as all the other channels work fine. Really WEIRD 🤯

  47. Are there any issues with Swift Streamz? For the last 3 weeks, I am unable to launch any channels. I am in the USA and it was working fine 3 weeks ago. I uninstalled and reinstalled the program but it is still not working. Now I am getting the message on every country and all channels that Unable to play video

  48. It’s happening again. The video stopped playing from the last few weeks. Are there any issues with Swift Streamz? For the last 3 weeks, I have been unable to launch any channels. I am in the USA and it was working fine 3 weeks ago. I uninstalled and reinstalled the program but it is still not working. Now I am getting the message on every country and all channels that Unable to play video

  49. Swift Streamz on my Android mobile stopped working. I uninstalled it & downloaded the latest version & successfully installed it, however, the app will not open at all when I tap on it….please advise
    Thank you

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