{Fixed*} Swift Stream Not Working & All Common Problems Updated

Fix Swift Streamz Not Working & Other Common Errors: Swift Streamz Live TV application has garnered an immense number of followers, from all across the globe, in an incredibly short period of time. All credit for this goes to the amazing set of features of Swift Stream. The application supports almost all the major platforms including Android, iOS, Firestick, and even Windows PC/Laptop or MAC Computer. But, howsoever good an application might be; there is always a scope of bugs, errors, and issues arising in it.

swift strema app download
Swift Stream App

Swift Streamz is not immune to the same and hence users are facing a considerable number of errors in the application. For the convenience of the users, we have compiled each and every error along with their fixes in this post. Here, you will find the list of issues, which the users are facing with Swift Streamz Live TV application, along with the steps to resolve the same. So, let’s start now.

Swift Streamz No Data Available | Swift Stream Not Loading Data

Majority of the users are facing the issue that Swift Stream is not loading data and a black screen is visible. However, the black screen doesn’t mean that there is a glitch in the application or the application has crashed. If you are able to access your device’s notification tray with Swift Stream opened; it means the application is facing the certain issue in processing the data. The same can be resolved through the following measures.

  • Clear Memory

Usually, an application fails to process data if required memory is not free on the device. Hence, it is advisable that the user runs a cleaner on their device and clear unwanted data and try launching Swift Stream once again.

  • Altering DNS Settings

Altering or modifying the DNS settings make data processing much easier and simpler for the application. This is because sometimes the issue neither exists with the device or the application but the issue is with the IP itself.

  • Disable Ad Blocker

Certain Ad Blocker applications don’t go well with Swift Streamz as they might block the content itself. Hence, if you have an ad blocker installed consider disabling the same and then launch the application.

  • Use a VPN Service

What may happen that Swift Streamz might be restricted to the region where you are living. In such cases, it is recommended that you subscribe to a VPN service so that your IP can be changed to a different location.

Swift Streamz Channels Not Loading | Swift Stream Channel Not Opening

In such cases where the application is unable to load channels or a particular channel is not opening; it might be an issue with the region where you are living. It may happen that streaming services might be restricted in your area and hence Swift Streamz is not able to load any channels. Also, if the application is able to load channels but not all; then also it is the case in the region where you are living. So, the only solution to this problem is to install a VPN application and switch to a different IP in a different location.

Swift Streamz Stopped Working on Android Box | Swift Streamz Not Working on Firestick

If Swift Stream is not working on your Android Box, Firestick or any other supported platform you might require to clear the cache. For that you require navigating to Settings -> Apps -> Swift Streamz -> Storage and tap on ‘Clear Cache.’ Please note that for different platforms the path might be different. Simply clear the cache and your app will start working again. Do check out this particular guide on “Swift Stream App on FireStick, Fire TV & Fire TV Cube“.

Swift Stream Not Downloading | Swift Stream App Not Installing

If you are unable to download or install Swift Streamz on your respective device then the issue might be with the website from where you are trying to download or from where you have downloaded the installable.  For different platforms; there are different steps to install Swift Streamz. Make sure you check the steps from here Download Swift Stream App and retry downloading or installing the application.

Swift Stream App Country Based Movies
Swift Stream App Country Based Movies List

Swift Stream App Fix Buffering Issues

If you are experiencing buffering while streaming your favorite content on Swift Streamz application there might be an intermittent issue with your internet connection. So, check with your internet service provider first before coming to a conclusion.

Swift Stream, on playing a particular video, provides a list of recommended servers for playback. These servers, which are recommended by the application itself are, usually, the fastest and you won’t face any buffering issues on the same. Hence, it is advisable that you utilize the recommended servers only for streaming.

Also, to resolve buffering issues, it is advisable that you try changing the default player in which you are playing the media to see if the issue gets resolved. Also do check out this fantastic application on Roku devices: Swift Streamz App on Roku.

Swift Streamz Not Playing | Cannot Play This Video Error Swift Stream App

swift streamAPK for PC
Swift Stremz App Download on Android, iOS & PC

In such cases that particular video might be restricted in your region or the server on which the video is located is facing certain issues. In the former case, you may install a VPN app and go ahead with the playback. In the latter case, it is recommended that you wait for some time before trying again.

  • Windows & Mac Users Guide:

Download Swift Stream on Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP/Mac PC/Laptop.

Conclusion: Swift Streamz Common Errors and Their Fixes

So, these were the common errors that are being faced by the Swift Stream users worldwide. In case you happen to face any other issue which is not mentioned in this post; then please let us know about the same via the comments section below. We will look into it for you and provide a working solution on a priority basis.

24 thoughts on “{Fixed*} Swift Stream Not Working & All Common Problems Updated


  2. Hi i am. Using fiber internet and directly conneted to router but still getting buffering issue where as i got 100 mbps and 25 mbps uplaod speed then why is the issue. I think u should give option to lower down picture quality in ur app.

  3. The latest update for swift streamz hardly works on the amazon fire tv stick if swift streamz gets this message please can you update the app back to the previous one the app doesn’t even work properly please ASAP

  4. I have swift stream app on world max Tv… I am using samsung smart Tv . recently On start up of the swift stream app I see a message to upgrade the app. When i try to download the upgrade, a swift stream website page opens but it is unable to download and goes back to the download screen. So I am not able to watch anything on swift stream
    How do I fix the issue ? or upgrade?

  5. Swift stream not working on fire stick, is there a solution to this, should we downgrade it to the previous version. TIA.

  6. Swift Streamz App wont update. “unsupported browser” have deleted and reinstalled and the app several time and cleared the cache to no avail.
    please can you update the app back to the previous one the app doesn’t even work properly please ASAP

  7. After new update, app stopped working for Fire TV stick. App is not responsive enought and very slow. Very disappointed.

    Please fix this team.

    Best of luck.

  8. I have tried all players only swift player works but buffering. Iv tried through my wifi 10 mbps and used my phone data but still buffering.

  9. Swift Streamz ‘cannot play video” IF it’s the USA TV…..However, I CAN play a video if it’s in Canada…..what’s going on? I can’t play ANY of the US stations…..

  10. No sports channels working, tried different players ,cleared cache but keep getting unable to play this video. Live channels are working ok ,just the sports not

  11. Help i cannot get swiftstreamz to work. All i get is a message saying “ Could Not Fetch Data”
    It was working fine earlier today, i have tried reinstalling it, clearing the cache etc but to no avail.
    Can you suggest anything i can do to rectify the problem?
    Vic Peake

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