Swift Streamz Alternatives – Similar Apps Like Swift Streamz APK

Swift Streamz Alternatives – Similar Apps Like Swift Stream App: Swift Streamz is an immensely popular application for watching TV Shows. Swift Stream app enables users to access 700+ Live TV Channels in High Definition, from all over the globe. In a very short period of time, the application has won the heart of millions worldwide. Swift Streamz is available on multiple platforms like Android, iOS, PC, and even on Firestick. This contributes to the growing popularity of the application.

The cool thing about Swift Stream is that you can utilize whichever player you want to watch your favorite TV Shows and the application is completely free to download with no hidden costs or in-app purchases. Moreover, neither you require rooting your Android device, nor you need to jailbreak your iOS device in order to install Swift Streamz. However, lately, users are reporting a few buffering and downloading issues with the application. The developers are upon resolving the issues on a priority basis and Swift Streamz will bounce back soon. 

Swift Streamz Alternatives | Apps Like Swift Stream App

Until the issues with Swift StreamZ APK receive a permanent resolution, you can choose any one of the following applications which are similar to Swift Streamz for watching your favorite TV Shows. Till the time the issues are resolved, you can go through Swift Streamz Alternatives and choose one to watch your favorite TV Shows. In this post, we are going to introduce some of the best applications which are similar to the Swift Stream application.

Swift Streamz Alternatives Similar Apps
Swift Streamz Alternatives Similar Apps

TVTap Pro

TVTap Pro comes on top of Swift Streamz Alternatives. The application has got a decent collection of 500+ TV Channels, in high definition, from all around the globe. Users of TvTap Pro are happy with the application and no issues have come up so far. TVTap uses high-end servers to ensure that buffering and downloading issues remain at bay.

Snappy Streamz Live TV

Snappy Streamz manages to get a spot in top three Live TV applications in the current market even though it is quite old. Using Snappy Streamz is pretty easy as it doesn’t require you to download an external player for playback. The internal player of the application is enough to play all the Live TV content. Though Snappy Streamz has to face its fair share of buffering issues, however fewer reports of the same are there as compared to relative applications.

Live Net TV

Live Net TV has less number of channels as compared to Swift Stream and other relative applications but it does contain all the popular TV channels. The best thing about the application is that no buffering issues have come up so far. Users enjoy a constant and steady streaming experience on Live Net TV.

RedBox TV

RedBox TV is one of the best Swift Streamz alternatives as it provides you access to over 1000 Live TV Channels in high definition. So, if you don’t want your entertainment to stop, then consider going for RedBox TV. This application won’t disappoint you.

RedBox TV App - Swift Stream Alternative
RedBox TV App – Swift Stream Alternative


We all know that the United States of America produces some of the best TV Shows in the market. So, if your primary interest is in watching US TV Shows then USTVNow is the application for you as it contains all the North American television content.


If you are having an Android device then Mobdro is the best application for you to watch Live TV Shows. Mobdro is made especially for Android. Though it is available on other applications as well, the Mobdro experience on Android is matchless.

Mobdro App - Similar to Swift Streamz Apk
Mobdro App – Similar to Swift Streamz Apk

Genius Stream

Again, Genius Stream APK caters specifically to Android users. Just like its name, the application is a genius in fetching HD Streams for you. You can enjoy sports channels, music channels, movie channels and all other genres on Genius Stream.

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Verdict – Swift Streamz Alternatives | Similar Apps like Swift Stream App

So, these were the popular alternatives for Swift Stream application. If you are using any application, other than the ones mentioned in the list, then let our readers know about the same in the comments section provided below. This gesture of yours will be extremely beneficial. 

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  1. hi, I can’t find the IPA file. Whenever I proceed to the link given in instructions for ios, I just see instruction no IPA file. Plz, help.

  2. Dear Sir
    About 2 weeks we experienced for playing Starplus hd (india)
    Not working UK time after 1400hrs
    We cannot watch programs after 1400hrs
    Humble request Livenet tv ,Redbox tv ,.HD streamz are not working
    Thank you
    If you can.look starplus hd or india appreciate

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