Install Swift Streamz APK on FireStick Under 1 Minute [Guide]

Swift Streamz – Free Live TV on Fire TV & Fire TV Stick: Swift Streamz is an application that allows you to watch live TV stations on your Fire TV & Firestick. You might say that you haven’t heard of this application. This is correct as this IPTV application is relatively new in the market. According to developers, Swift Streamz on Firestick allows you to stream over 700 different channels from all around the globe. Also, most of the channels which are not available with your package, definitely, will be present in this amazing IPTV application. In this post, we are going to share with you the set of steps to download and install Swift Streams Apk on Fire TV & Firestick.

Swift Streamz APK Download on FireStick
Swift Streamz APK Download on FireStick

Note: Before proceeding to install and use this application on your Fire TV or Firestick, it is recommended that you have a VPN installed for safe and secure streaming. A VPN helps to maintain your online privacy. Also, check out: Swift Streamz APK on Android Devices [Updated Version Added].

[Steps] Install Swift Streamz APK on Fire TV & Firestick 

This is one of the best ways to download and install Swift Streamz on Fire TV and Firestick. Nowadays, lots of people have been asking to update the latest way to Install Swift Stream APK on Firestick and follow the below-mentioned steps to do the same.

  • As a first, please navigate to Settings -> System -> Developer Options and toggle on the option of ‘Apps from Unknown Sources.’
Swift Streamz APK Download on FireStick
Swift Streamz APK Download on FireStick
  • Now, please navigate back to the Fire TV home screen and enter into a Search. Please enter ‘Downloader’ until you see the option of ‘Downloader App’ coming as a part of the search results.
  • Click on it and select ‘Download & Install.
Install Downloader App on FireStick
Install Downloader App on FireStick
  • Post successful installation please launch the Downloader app and if the app asks your permission to access photos and media files on your device please give your confirmation for that.
  • Great! Now to download swift streams Apk in the ‘Home’ section, where the option to ‘Enter URL’ is there; please enter the following URL: and hit ‘Go.’

  • Please wait for the webpage to load up. Once the webpage is completely loaded you need to scroll to the bottom of the page where the option of ‘Download’ is present. Please place your cursor over it and hit ‘Enter.’

  • Now the installation window for Swift Streamz will come up. Please tap on the ‘Install’ option.
  • Post successful installation your Fire Stick or Fire TV will ask your permission to delete the installer file. Please click on ‘Delete’ so that your device doesn’t run out of space in the future.

  • Navigate back to the home screen of your Fire device and enter into the section of ‘Apps & Games.’
  • In this section, if you navigate all the way to the right you will find an option called ‘See All.’
  • Now you will see the Swift Streamz icon. Please don’t select it yet; just keep it highlighted.
  • Hit the ‘Menu’ button present on your remote and select the option of ‘Move to Front
Swift Streamz APK Installed on FireStick
Swift Streamz APK Installed on FireStick
  • This will bring the icon of Swift Streamz to the beginning of your home screen.
  • That’s it! Please go ahead and launch the application. You will see various options like Indian TV, Arabian TV, and Sports TV, etc. coming in front of you.
Swift Streamz APK Live TV Channels on FireStick
Swift Streamz APK Live TV Channels on FireStick
  • Go ahead and explore this amazing Live TV application.

Also, must check: Swift Streamz App on iOS(iPhone & iPad) No Jailbreak Required.

Which are the Best Alternative Apps for Swift Streamz?

There are a couple of good alternative applications for swift Streamz like below.

  • TVTap PRO
  • Live NetTV App
  • HDTV Ultimate Live TV
  • CkayTV
  • RedBox TV
  • ThopTV
  • AOS TV
  • OLA TV

Also, check out these best guides:

Conclusion: Download Swift Streamz APK on Fire TV & Firestick

That’s it! My dear friends, we have reached the end of this post. I hope you are clear about the installation steps of Swift Streamz Ad-Free APK on Firestick & Fire TV. In case you get stuck somewhere or have any confusion in mind please feel free to put it down in the comments section below. We will look into it and provide you with the required solution.

Thank You.

38 thoughts on “Install Swift Streamz APK on FireStick Under 1 Minute [Guide]

  1. I got it going! Great directions with the screen shots. But only a few of the “channels” give me video. Some say something like No Video and many others just sit there spinning the circle. Is there anything else I should do?

  2. O am having a problem downloading swift streams on my fire stick second generation. Soon as I press download it goes straight to a Google page. Why is it doing that? Please help

  3. I am having the same problem as others, after pressing ‘download’ the Google page appears. Have tried many, many times with no success. Followed your instructions above exactly and no luck.
    Need you help with new ideas.

  4. I have been trying to download Swiftstream but it’s got stuck .When I bought fire stick this program was there but when I tried to set it on factory default this app disappeared since then I have been trying to get this app back but no luck .Please help me how to get this app back%
    Thank you

  5. I love this app and have enjoyed shows from around the world. All of a sudden it has quit playing Canada and Australia. All other channels are playing. How can I correct this problem?

  6. It is great but from couple of days it not working properly buffering alot and some time it occour error also disgusting it was great app but now the service is pathetic

  7. Its showing alot buffering and app is not working before that it was working great please help me to resolve my issue

  8. when I click on swift streamz I highlight usa then get into stations click on like abc, cbs, whatever it flashes briefly to download and then the screen goes black

  9. The Channels Are Not Opening So I Deleted It And Dowloaded Again, But It Looks Different And It Freezez Can’t Open Tge Channels.

  10. I installed the new app version 1.0 for firestick. Problem is when selecting either English, Sports or Kids channel lists the cursor won’t highlight any of the channels that are shown. Can you kindly look into this please.

  11. The firestick app has problems. I selected Sports, English, US and Kids as these are the channels that are of interest to me. When trying to select and highlight any of the channels the cursor doesn’t show but you can still hear the bips when you toggle on the wheel of the remote. So you can’t watch anything. Yet when Pakistani channels are selected you can clearly highlight each channel you select, so it’s working for those channels. If you could kindly fix this issue please.

  12. Hi,
    I have followed all the steps, but I do not see any download option on FireTv. Can you confirm if anything changed recently?

  13. I downloaded this in April 2019….it was working ok but now buffering a lot. I tried to create ‘favorites’ as instructed under ‘favorites’ tab….use Long Click on Station to create favorite. I tried this several times and ‘long click’ doesn’t work. Anyone have any suggestions?

  14. It’s a pain – there IS a link on that ‘page’….something like ‘get it’……there’s also a video on Youtube

  15. Hey

    A lot of the punjabi links either seem not to work ot there are black screens.

    Alot of them keep cutting out

    Could I ask to have a look at the PTC links as the uk and india ones are just black screens

  16. only problem I have is when i click the RTL sender for german tv, sometimes SKY cinemax is playing. I downloaded a different app (Livenettv) and same thing happened.

  17. I give up, swift streamz isn’t working anymore and there’s no help here and no way to contact the devs to find out what’s going on. Very disappointing, used to be a great app for watching Canadian and US TV, now it’s like they abandoned it and didn’t tell anyone. Sorry to see it go, time to uninstall my swift streamz addons and move on.

    • Hey, Rick. Sorry for the disappointment, but we are working our asses off to make it better.

      Btw, we released a new version and added the link in the article, please install it and let me know if this fixed every issue.

      Thank You.

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